What to Build

What to Build with Shift4Shop's Platform

Shift4Shop offers vast flexibility to developers. The platform is designed to be endlessly expandable through the creation of apps, and completely customizable through theme development and code editing. With Shift4Shop's REST API and app development SDK, developers are offered the power and freedom to build and customize.


Shift4Shop's powerful REST API allows you to build apps that integrate perfectly into our platform to add new functionality or connect any service to a Shift4Shop store. We also have a powerful and rewarding system for creating beautiful, optimized, mobile-friendly themes. Delve into Shift4Shop and see what you can craft.

Create an App for Shift4Shop Store Owners

Shift4Shop's platform can be infinitely expanded through clever app design. Create new tools for over 17,000 eCommerce merchants and team up with the world's most powerful eCommerce solution for SEO! Apps can customize store functions, expand upon or add features, address highly specialized situations, and more. To get started, check out our guide to Shift4Shop's REST API and start building.

App Connection SDK

Shift4Shop's App Connection SDK allows your apps to integrate seamlessly with the Shift4Shop Online Store Builder. This means your app will have access to all the information in the store admin, including orders, customers, products, and more. In turn, your app's settings and interface will be accessible through the Shift4Shop store admin. Your app will connect to Shift4Shop's platform just as if it had been built in all along.

Example Apps

Apps been created with Shift4Shop's REST API include:

Build a Shift4Shop Theme

Shift4Shop's eCommerce platform can be used to sell anything you can think of, and we are proud to be the chosen solution for merchants from all kinds of markets. You never know what the next new Shift4Shop store will have for sale, and every merchant seeks out their own branding. This means huge demand for themes, as store owners seek out the perfect design to complement their products and company image. Shift4Shop provides tools for developers to create attractive, responsive themes optimized for SEO and conversions.

Core Templating Engine

The Core Templating Engine is a new method of theme design overhauled for flexibility and implementing the Bootstrap framework. It provides building blocks for theme development in the form of Code Blocks and Variables, which are used together to achieve the desired look and feel, and includes many developer-requested features to enhance what can be accomplished.

Example Themes

Third-party themes developed for Shift4Shop stores include:

Customize any website

Web design isn't just limited to building themes from scratch. Shift4Shop allows full FTP access to the HTML and CSS files that define a site's look and feel. By editing code directly, you can customize your site beyond the capabilities offered by the WYSIWYG theme editor.

Design at will

Full access to HTML and CSS ensures you'll have complete control over all aspects of the theme you're customizing, to achieve the look you have in mind.

Add custom code

You have the puzzle pieces; now you just need to put them together. Write custom code to enable new functions on your site, making it truly specialized to your needs.